Frequently Asked Questions

I do not take insurance. I do however, provide a superbill upon request so that your insurance company can reimburse you directly depending on your benefits. My rate is dependent on time and not motivated by a menu provided by an insurer. That being said, you can be rest assured that everything done in our time together is because it is what I think is best for the patient. This is detailed further in my office policies provided in my intake forms.

Yes! We happily accept these tax advantaged accounts as a payment method.

No, while important to help narrowing down potential issues driving your problems – many times I am able to establish a course of treatment without it. On your initial visit, we will discuss this in detail depending on your individual situation.

Muscle testing is my diagnostic technique of choice to find and address the root cause of your joint pain (shoulder, low back). Since muscle move bones, treating the muscle resolves the bones that routinely need to be adjusted. Learn More

Starting with your first visit, we will go through your personal health history and any lab work to begin developing a list of probable root issues. From there we will narrow it down and create a custom treatment plan specific to you. Learn More

For new patients who are unable to wait, special circumstance appointments are available when I am able. There is an additional charge, but you will be seen as soon as possible. If it is due to a wait-list, your special circumstance rate will expire following the length of the wait-list skipped. For instance, if you are moved up 1 month, then after that month you will resume the standard rate. Please contact me directly for this appointment.