An Innovation to a Natural Approach to Chronic Conditions

Do You Suffer From Any of the Following? 

  • Fatigue
  • Thyroid issues
  • Autoimmunity
  • Hair Loss
  • Loss of outer 1/3 of eyebrow
  • Depression, Anxiety
  • Weight gain
  • Memory issues
  • Cold intolerance
  • Brittle hair and nails
  • Dry Skin
  • Muscle or joint pain
  • Digestive issues
  • Weakness
  • PMS, Irregular periods
  • Brain fog

Let's take Thyroid as an Example...

1. Find🔍

You have to do a thorough investigation to uncover the root cause. Things do not go awry without a reason. If you do not find the primary DRIVER, the DYSFUNCTION will continue. The driver is not the same for everyone, neither is there a set thyroid protocol that will work for everyone. Thyroid issues are often multifaceted and require a thorough examination.

I take the time to do a thorough health history and go over lab work or order if necessary. A detailed lab analysis can be very important. And when it comes to thyroid, it is vital to run a full panel. Then I utilize a specialized method called Systems Health Care to narrow down the problem further. There is always a primary driver to dysfunction in the body, it does NOT randomly appear for no reason.

2. Fix🛠️

Supporting thyroid issues such as Hashimoto’s requires specific dietary modifications and herbal supplementation to decrease the overall inflammation and get the immune system balanced. A broad approach often misses the mark. I will do my best to make sure there is no stone left unturned; finding the specific solution to your issue. That is why it is important to take a holistic approach and account for every component that is driving the issues.

Since Hashimoto’s is the most common thyroid issue, it is very important to understand autoimmunity. Below I go into detail on some of the things involved and my general approach to it. 

3. Stabilize👍

I may recommend lifestyle changes that are lifelong. As necessary, these may include any provoking activities, dietary modifications, and supplement recommendations. I have found that addressing these areas and maintaining the needed changes will keep recurrent issues from ever returning. My goal is for each of my patients to become independent in their own healthcare. In other words, my hope is to never see you again – even though I am always here for you and thoroughly enjoy being with everyone!

I really want to help everyone feel better and perform optimally, I am passionate about natural health. I am not one to hold back information. Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or concerns.

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In Health,

Gabe Ariciu, DC

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Grant Goode
Grant Goode
Great caring doctor who is very thorough. I can’t recommend doctor Gabe more highly. I drove 3.5 hours from Arkansas and was really surprised to notice some of my symptoms had disappeared or were greatly reduced shortly after leaving the office.
Arkan Attariya
Arkan Attariya
Amazing... Cannot say less than amazing
Paul Waldrep
Paul Waldrep
Dr. Gabe is very knowledgeable. I’m glad he knows so much about nutrition and the body!
Ashley Marsh
Ashley Marsh
After months and months of being told nothing is wrong with me, I finally have answers! Dr Gabe was very professional and educational. I can’t wait to get started on my treatment plan.
Jody Queen (Jypsy Jody)
Jody Queen (Jypsy Jody)
Let me start first by saying that when i began my search for a holistic/functional medicine doctor, i was in really bad condition. I could barely get out of bed for lack of energy, intense brain fog, cloudy urine like a lemonade mix, getter sick more than ever before in my life, among other concerns. I'd tried traditional medicine through Jordan Valley. Who couldn't figure anything out after taking blood, urine, and even an ultrasound. They literally prescribed an antibiotic and said to hope for the best 🤷‍♀️. However I'd already had 3 rounds of antibiotics and no bacteria in my urine, so that was useless, if not even more harmful. Having some limited experience with functional medicine prior and having had success before, I decided to try something different. I cannot recommend holistic and functional medicine enough! And especially Dr. Gabe. I had my 15 minute consultation on March 23rd, and ever since then I have had consistent improvements. I had my first super in depth appointment on the 30th with one follow up on the 6th and my second follow up this afternoon. He immediately found the root cause of my ailments in one visit. And we began treatment immediately. I had a fungal infection in my small intestine. He is extremely knowledgeable. For the last two weeks I've been strict with my fungal treatments/diet. He also found a food sensitivity to corn, which is new. I have consistent energy, little to no brain fog, I'm sleeping more soundly than I ever have, I've lost close to 10lbs in about a month, and I haven't gotten sick (like cold/flu etc) in a bit. It's really a night and day difference. This is the best I have felt in over 6 months! For transparency though, I am basically spending my entire tax return and then some on these doctor's visits. But considering I could barely get out of bed or function before, I consider it money WELL spent. And I'd do it again without a second thought. I don't mind spending money for my healthcare when it actually works. I cannot thank or recommend Dr. Gabe enough for everything he has done for me. Don't hesitate to make an appointment with him!
Crystal House
Crystal House
Wow!! Best experience ever and so informative! Thank you!!
Tiffany Lee
Tiffany Lee
Dr. Ariciu is fantastic. I’ve spent what seems like forever, trying to get help with my brain fog, fatigue, and consistent low mood. After years of trying a multitude of anti depressants, mood stabilizers, ibuprofen for daily aches, and hours of my own research… I decided to give this a try. Ive been seeing Dr. Ariciu for about 5 months now and the difference in how I feel is night and day. No more ibuprofen and my mood has elevated exponentially. I couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you!!
William Schuler
William Schuler
Dr. Gabe is a great doctor who knows his stuff. After an extremely thorough history where I was able to express all of my questions and concerns regarding my health, Dr. Gabe was able to give me actual answers and tell me why I was experiencing my symptoms. It was a relief to find someone who understands what I'm going through and not just tell me everything is normal. I recommend Dr. Gabe 100% for whatever health condition you have, you won't regret. it.
Haylee Kirkland
Haylee Kirkland
Dr. Gabe has was able to help with my digestion, fatigue, and brain fog issues. After so many visits to a general medicine doctor and then telling me I’m “healthy” and what I was experiencing was “normal”. Dr. Gabe actually found the root cause and ever since then the quality of my health has improved significantly. I 100% recommend his services.
Dr. Brett Morgan
Dr. Brett Morgan
Dr Ariciu is at the top of the field. Very knowledgeable and really cares. Highly recommend.