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woman holding her head

Migraines and Headaches

Headaches and Migraines. They are one of the most common problems in today’s society. Many of our patients deal with it. They are so commonplace that we often think it is just part of life, it is just normal. But this is not so. Headaches like all other pain are sign of something wrong. A leading researcher in pain, Lorimer Moseley, states that pain is a “multiple system output by…

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Intestinal Permeability: Leaky Gut’s Role In Autoimmune Disease

Chronic diseases are becoming more and more prevalent. Millions within the United States are dealing with chronic diseases. According to Cordain, et al, more than 64 million are dealing with cardiovascular diseases, 11 million have type 2 diabetes, and cancer is the second leading cause of death in America. (1) Among these, autoimmune diseases are on the rise.  It is estimated that 14-22 million people in the US have an autoimmune…

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a person holding baby s foot in close up photography

The Barefoot Challenge: How to Have a Firm Foundation

In honor of Foot Health Awareness Month, I decided to talk about feet! Yes, it is very exciting and like you I didn’t know there was a food health awareness month. But it gives me a great opportunity to talk about a very important aspect to health. It may seem nuanced but our feet provide the foundation upon which everything else rests. Poor foot health can lead to further problems…

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Could Low Testosterone Be Causing My Lack of Energy?

You probably have heard the radio ads, “Are you lacking energy? Are you tired all the time? It could be low T, you should get checked out.” That is usually how they go, but how do you go about finding out whether it is low T or something else entirely? In this article I am going to break it down for you and give you some options for raising your…

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An Evolving Natural Approach: Improving and Optimizing Function in a Chronic Disease World

Over the weekend I found myself contemplating a lot on the subject of function and chronic disease. The wave of the future in healthcare is improving and optimizing function. Of course this raises a few of questions. What do I mean by function? How do we improve and optimize it? And how do we address chronic disease? The definition of function is instructive. It is “an activity or purpose natural…

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